• The Silva Pedestal Dish
  • The Silva Pedestal Dish
  • The Silva Pedestal Dish
  • The Silva Pedestal Dish
  • The Silva Pedestal Dish
(Home decor)

The silva pedestal dish


The Silva Pedestal Dish

Inspired by the forest. Silva is a surname in Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Portugal and Brazil. It is derived from the Latin word silva, meaning "forest" or "woodland."

Materials: Clay with forest green glaze, an asymmetrical bronze, and gold woodland earring made with handmade Arbutus, Black Locust, Cedar, Black Walnut, Cherrywood, and Maple wood beads oiled with tung oil to bring out their natural colours.

Challenges- Figuring out the shrinkage rate of the clay body and making the pattern pieces that percentage bigger than the finished piece.  Rolling out each slab of clay to the exact thickness and size for each part. Making sure each slab of clay, once rolled out to desired shape, was dry enough before starting the hand building process so it didn’t collapse on itself. 

Attaching the clay parts to one another properly to ensure they wouldn’t crack or fall off during the drying, sanding and firing phase. Hand making each wood bead for a tiered design aesthetic. 

8H x 7D  - Finished - March 2023

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The Silva Pedestal Dish