Jewelry for your Walls By Kristy Turney

Calm After the storm

The world has its fair share of fallen people. Kristy 
Turney a local Squamish Artist and Designer of 
Scandinavia Wolf Designs, has found inspiration from 
this. Her branch art symbolizes rising from the depths of despair and realizing one's intrinsic beauty and 

Turney creates her art by finding fallen branches 
that normally wouldn't warrant a second glance. From the forest floor, river or beach she plucks the branch dries it out, cleans it up, sands it down, then adds hand worked details . This collection has all been hung with a circular shape to represent unity and togetherness. 
Finally she adds different complimentary 
elements such as gemstones (with positive energy 
properties) or uplifting earth toned wood, leather or 
found feathers (symbolic of the rise and triumph over 


Hope you enjoy

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