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Kristy Turney is the artist/designer behind Scandinavia Wolf Designs. she has lived on Canada’s west coast for the majority of her life and has recently made the move from Vancouver to Squamish. She finds that Squamish has an immensely inspiring yet calming effect on her and the art she creates. she hopes that her artwork will also bring a similar sense of inspiration and calm to those that see it.

She has a huge love for nature and this is a big part of the art she creates. she loves to include natural elements in her pieces and often forages these herself from walks in the great outdoors. When she requires elements that she can’t find herself in the wild she always sources the most natural and sustainable pieces available.

Her body of work consists of many different disciplines, including, natural gemstone jewelry,  natural wood wall art, sculpture, paintings, and home decor items.

Her jewelry typically has a clean, natural, minimalist style. She incorporates natural gemstones with precious metals, wood, leather,  silk and stone. The wood wall artwork (jewelry for your walls) involves taking a geometric shape and incorporating an organic wood element that both contrast and complement one another. The paintings are created with acrylic paint and hand stitched yarn that give each piece extra dimension and texture, which creates different shadow patterns throughout the day. The home decor items and sculptures are made from wood, marble natural gemstone and stone. Kristy likes to evoke a sense of calm in her work; something easy to look at with a natural flow

Kristy hope's  that her work inspires not only a sense of calm and peacefulness within you and that you feel its west coast connection; this beautiful place we call home.

When you own a piece of Scandinavia Wolf a positive energy comes with it.

 Kristy Turney

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