• The Gilbert Pride Flag - Multi Gemstone Silver Bracelet
  • The Gilbert Pride Flag - Multi Gemstone Silver Bracelet

The gilbert pride flag - multi gemstone silver bracelet


Scandinavia Wolf's bracelets are handmade in Squamish, B.C. Canada.

All strung on strong, resilient elastic so they will stretch to fit. This fits a size 7" wrist. Please send a message at checkout if you would like different sizing. All silver used is sterling silver. Very high quality. 

No two are exactly alike.

Gilbert Pride Flag , the flag that started it all… 

It was created in 1977 by Gilbert Baker, an artist, activist, and openly gay military veteran. Tasked by Harvey Milk, a historic figure in the fight for LGBTQ rights, to create a flag for the queer community, Baker created a rainbow flag with eight different colors. 

Inspired by the classic song "Over the Rainbow" from the 1939 film The Wizard from Oz, Baker created a rainbow flag to represent LGBTQ folks. Each color in the flag also had a specific meaning.

-Martin Granic

 Hot Pink symbolizes sex - Ruby

Red equals life - Carnelian

Orange symbolizes healing - Carnelian

Yellow stands for sunlight - Citrine

Green represents nature - BC Jade

Turquoise equals magic & art - Apatite

Indigo stands for serenity - Amethyst

Violet represents the spirit of LGBTQ people - Amethyst


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The Gilbert Pride Flag - Multi Gemstone Silver Bracelet