• Ms. Wolf - Jewelry for your walls - Ulexite - SOLD
  • Ms. Wolf - Jewelry for your walls - Ulexite - SOLD
  • Ms. Wolf - Jewelry for your walls - Ulexite - SOLD
(Wall art)

Ms. wolf - jewelry for your walls - ulexite - sold



Ms Wolf art branches out beyond framed prints and brings a natural elegance to your space.


The Branch-  each piece of wall art is one of a kind! There are no two branches the same. Each branch has a special place where it was found, to be reborn into beautiful art!

This fallen branch was found near Jericho beach park in Vancouver B.C. Canada

 The Accessories-  all natural gemstones with different energy properties. The Gemstones are hung from yarn and non-tarnish brass wire, they are accompanied by long leather strips and luxurious flowing feathers. 30' L x 30' H


Ulexite- is best known for its ability to magnify anything placed under it. It is an extremely clear stone and brings things into focus on the inner and spiritual levels, lending much-needed objectivity and clarity. Ulexite takes you to the core of a problem, pointing the way to resolution and activating solutions.

Obsidian stone- is molten lava that cooled so quickly it had no time to crystallize. Obsidian impels us to grow and lends solid support while we do so. 

Quartz- Brings body into balance, harmonizes all the chakras.



When you hang a piece of Ms Wolf a positive energy comes with

  • arrow heads
  • BC
  • branch
  • feathers
  • gemstones
  • handcrafted
  • leather
  • local
  • made in BC
  • made in Canada
  • made in Squamish
  • made in Vancouver
  • obsidian
  • one of a kind
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Ms. Wolf - Jewelry for your walls - Ulexite - SOLD