• Hokeb Ha Cave Drapery Vase
  • Hokeb Ha Cave Drapery Vase
  • Hokeb Ha Cave Drapery Vase
  • Hokeb Ha Cave Drapery Vase
(Home decor)

Hokeb ha cave drapery vase



Hokeb Ha Cave Drapery Vase: Inspiration comes from my time spent caving and getting to see the ancient pottery found in caves as well as the beautiful cave drapery formations. 

The wavy thin sheets of clay artistically placed on the outside of the vases, represent the cave drapery formations. The opening of the vase represents the mouth of the cave. The inside white glaze is representative of when you emerge from your deep explorations back out the mouth of the cave. 

Challenges- Making sure each slab of clay, once rolled out to desired shape, was dry enough before starting the hand building process so it didn’t collapse on itself. Attaching the clay drapes properly to ensure they wouldn’t crack or fall off during the drying, sanding and firing phase.

Natural speckled clay, outside unglazed and inside glazed with matte white

12” H x 5.5” inside diameter and 7” outside diameter 

Completed 2021

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Hokeb Ha Cave Drapery Vase