• Petrified Wood Agate Black Locust Wood
  • Petrified Wood Agate Black Locust Wood

Petrified wood agate black locust wood


Scandinavia Wolf's bracelets are hand made in Squamish B.C. Canada.

All strung on strong, resilient elastic so they will stretch to fit. This fits a size 7" wrist..send me message if you need different sizing. 

No two are exactly alike. Free shipping

Natural gemstone bracelet- Petrified Wood Agate,12mm, handmade Black Locust wood bead.

Petrified wood (from the Greek root petro meaning "rock" or "stone"; literally "wood turned into stone") is the name given to a special type of fossilized remains of terrestrial vegetation. It is the result of a tree or tree-like plants having completely transitioned to stone by the process of permineralization.


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Petrified Wood Agate Black Locust Wood