• Mini Wolf Gem Pyrite Tassel- SOLD
  • Mini Wolf Gem Pyrite Tassel- SOLD
  • Mini Wolf Gem Pyrite Tassel- SOLD
(Wall art)

Mini wolf gem pyrite tassel- sold


The Branch-  each piece of wall art is one of a kind! There are no two branches the same. Each branch has a special place where it was found, to be reborn into beautiful art!

This fallen branch was found in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

 The Accessories- Beautiful pyrite gemstone hanging from braided cotton yarn, with pink and white tassels. 


(Gold) Pyrite- is a stone of intellect and protection, enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, creativity and memory. Pyrite is a protective stone. Pyrite brings energy of good luck and good fortune.




When you hang a piece of Ms Wolf a positive energy comes with


  • accessories
  • art
  • black and white
  • branch
  • decor
  • fringe
  • gemstones
  • gift
  • good energy
  • hand painted
  • handcrafted
  • hematite
  • local
  • made in canada
  • made in Vancouver
  • one of a kind
  • pyrite
  • scandinavia wolf designs
  • tassel
  • vancouver
  • vancouver artist
  • Wall art
Mini Wolf Gem Pyrite Tassel- SOLD

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